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DirEttore allows the use of automated time announcements. Some users chose to make their own packages and share them with others. This is another option to support the project and therefore receive a copy of DirEttore Broadcast.
Packages come in a self-consistent zip file and its installation is simple: once downloaded, unzip the package in the folder where you want the announcement files to be stored, read the included disclaimer (if present) and instruct DirEttore to load the package from that directory. You must also tell DirEttore the file format (mp3 or wav). It is also possible to test the time announcement within the same configuration window. 

Since version 4.0 Up to 4 time announcements can be used during the day (one every 6 hours) .

AMERICAN Broadcast voice by Peter Fasciano (Read disclaimer inside)
Brazilian PORTUGUESE language time annoucement by Newton Borges
BRITISH language time annoucement
Canadian French
Canadian FRENCH language time annoucement
European PORTUGUESE language time annoucement
Deep voice SPANISH language time annoucement

Brazilian PORTUGUESE language time annoucement by Newton Borges
Pure BRITISH language pronunciation time annoucement
POLISH language time annoucement
SPANISH language time annoucement

If you have your own time announcement package and want to share it with the other users, please feel free to contact me
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