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DirEttore - radio automation software (a pun with my first name and the Italian translation of the English word Director), has been developed with the one click away concept in mind, to allow last minute changes without dead air. It does not rely on a database to store cuepoints and track info. Track info are saved in a separated file, while cue points  are saved within the file name in order to move/share a song archive effortlessly. To be honest, this last feature is implemented in a couple of other radio automation software packages but, in my opinion, not completely.

DirEttore handles rotations with repetition and artist separation control, playlists, sequences, scheduled events, sweepers, voice-tracks, internet streams playback, commercials
automated time announcements and more.

It can set start, intro and mix points as well as fade types for each song, can log played tracks and provide current track title to a streamer. Key features are available here.

DirEttore is Donationware, were the word donation is intended at its maximum extent. Indeed this program can be obtained by making a donation, translating the owner's manual, building tutorials, doing dry voceovers ... Check the downloads page for more information.
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