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In this page you'll find the link to the freely downloadable DirEttore owner's manual. It does not come with the installation of DirEttore software package but the application directly links to this page.
If you want to contribute translating the manual, from English to whatever language you can translate to, feel free to e-mail me. If you are serious about translating, you will be given an English .doc (word 2000 compatible document) file where you can work mantaining the current page layout.

Translating the manual is quite a time consuming operation, therefore a complete translation is another option to support this project and therefore receive a copy of DirEttore Broadcast.
NOTE: in addition to the manuals downloadable here, the features of any versions are covered and discussed in this dedicated facebook page. Feel free to join it and share your findings, doubts, opinions and everything that will make DirEttore a better experience.
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