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There are many methods to obtain DirEttore. One is by making a donation, in this case a minimum donation is required that depends on the use of the program. Being not commercial, this project relies on the users help, therefore the minimum donation is tailored to the users way to use the program. It is also possible to obtain DirEttore by giving valuable help such as translating the owner's manual, building tutorials, doing dry voceovers ... In this case the minimum donation for the declared application field must be made anyway, but it will be refunded once the chosen support is considered (by me) OK and completed.

In order to know the minimum donation for your application field, please fill in and submit the below form, alternatively you can contact me explaining the support you intend to give instead of the minimum donation.

PERSONAL USE (Home / Educational ...)
RADIO (WEB / AM / FM / In Store ...)

WARNING !!!  ONCE ... AND ONLY ONCE you have received the e-mail that states the minimum donation required for the declared application field, please use the below button to make your donation and remember ... it is a suggested minimum donation, you can increase it to the extent you feel like ;)

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