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Welcome to MIXTIME. Here you'll find a completely FREE RADIO AUTOMATION SOFTWARE package, made by me and dedicated to those that can't afford a commercial program, but are still in need of a reliable "unstoppable" piece of software for their small radio stations, clubs, hotels, shops, ... I decided to build my own program because, even though there are many automated music players out there, I have never been able to find the "perfect match" with my needs. I must say that some of them are very beautiful ... but also expensive and some complicated. Mine is simple and quite powerful compared to some others sold for the price of a small car (!!). The best thing is that if you think something is missing (and you are very patient), I can add it ...

I've created a facebook group for the DirEttore suite. If you want to join the group please follow this link . There we can chat and interact in a more natural and rapid way. You can write in any language you feel, but if you want to talk to me please use only English and Italian ;)

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